Introduction To Longgang

Longgang is located in the northeast of Shenzhen, next to Dapeng Bay on the east, Baoan District on the west, Huizhou City and Dongguan City on the north, Yantian District and Luolu District on the south, enjoying a favorable geological location. It covers a total area of 844.07 sq. km (including 160 sq. km of Pingshan New District), and it contains 11 sub-districts.

Longgang’s natural environment has incomparable beauty and has Shenzhen’s longest coastline, with a length of 133km. In 2005, Dapeng Peninsula was named as one of “China’s Top Eight Beautiful Seas Coasts” by Chinese National Geography.

Longgang’s magical villages like Baguang Village, Bantianyun Village, Dafen Village, Pencheng Village were awarded by the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau as the “Most Beautiful Villages in Guangdong”. Longgang has the largest forests and the most mountains in Shenzhen. Besides, and the district enjoys a rich heritage of culture and food from, simple and honest folk customs to delicious Hakka dishes and seafood, which provide tourists with unforgettable memories of their visit.

Located on the shores of the South China Sea, it has a sub-tropical, oceanic monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 22.3°C, and the relative humidity is 80%. Summers are long and winters are short, thus the four seasons in a year are all glorious times for tourism.